Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Tashjian was my 2nd opinion Dr. Unlike the first Dr I saw elsewhere, he took the time to explain my injury to me and how he could fix it. Made me feel comfortable in the decision for surgery.Health University of UTAH
  • Dr. Tashjian is very good at describing the treatment options and explaining the risks, benefits, ease of recovery, recovery time, etc. He leaves the final decision up to me, but makes sure I have all the information I need to make the right decision for myself.Health University of UTAH
  • Dr. Tashjian always listened to my concerns. He never dismissed any of my concerns. He also listened to my husband who became my primary care giver during the diagnosis, surgeon, and after care.Health University of UTAH
  • I feel very confident in Dr. Tashjian and his team - knowledge, experience, and manner of interaction with me re. all facets of the visit.Health University of UTAH
  • Dr. Tashjian was awesome. I really appreciated his discussion of the range of type and severity for this injury and where my own injury fit in that range. He provided excellent context for the research that supports his treatment decisions, as well as including me in the decision making process.Health University of UTAH
  • The best bedside manner. Very informative. Caring. Exactly the type of person you would want to entrust your medical care to. Utah is lucky to have Dr Tashjian. I am a lawyer who works with many doctors and I can unquestionably say Dr Tashjian is among the best doctors in the country.Health University of UTAH
  • Dr. Tashjian has become a trusted friend and advisor. I've had several surgeries that have been very successful. I highly recommend him to others.Health University of UTAH
  • I think Dr. Tashjian is an excellent communicator, has great bedside manner, is VERY inclusive in explaining the issues and problem solving treatment strategies. I have great confidence in him and have recommended him to others.Health University of UTAH
  • We appreciated the time taken to explain all options and pros and cons of each surgery. Our questions were answered.Health University of UTAH
  • I found this surgeon by searching on the internet for highest rated shoulder surgeons by his/her peers. My surgeon is Seattle at UW is also on this list. I asked Dr. Madson about Dr. ROBERT Z. TASHJIAN and he spoke highly of him ... this is why I flew to Utah to meet with him.Health University of UTAH

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